Quick Fixes That Improve Usability on Your Site

Always remember there is a direct link between your site’s usability and conversions. You can spend months developing your website to be aesthetically pleasing, but if you ignore the usability of your site, you could end up being disappointed with your conversion rates.

While you may not have the time or budget to completely overhaul your current website, there are a variety of quick changes you can make to improve overall usability on your site, leading to increased conversions. Assess your website and decide if you need to make any of the following changes:

Improve Navigation

While restructuring your entire navigation may not be the quickest or easiest solution, there are some simple fixes you can make to improve your site’s current navigation. Consider moving your navigation to the top or left side of your site and create a sitemap that lists all of your pages. Navigation will guide your audience in the right direction, allowing them to move quickly and efficiently through your website.

Improve Organization

Consistency is one great way to increase usability on your website. By using a consistent format that is organized and readable, your audience will be able to effortlessly move throughout your site. Some quick fixes to implement would be to create navigation, change your font and color scheme, and incorporate simple calls to action.

Eliminate Flash and Large Graphics

People are impatient. If they click on your site and it takes longer than a few seconds to load, they will most likely back out and choose another one. By eliminating huge videos and graphics you can improve the load time of your site giving your audience a more immediate response.

Perform Testing

You should periodically perform tests on your website to assess its usability. Find out where people are running into problems and try to correct them. Also, find out what links people are clicking on the most frequently and use the information to improve your site’s organization.

Some other ways to improve the overall usability of your website is by creating a relevant internal linking structure, including privacy and security labels, eliminating distractions and making contact information that is easy to access. Make these changes and turn your website into a user-friendly experience for potential customers.

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  • Great post Angela. I would also add that streamlining the forms on your website will help with conversion. Often times if a user sees a form with over 3 or 4 categories to fill in, they will not fill it out.

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