The Power of Your Website's Conversion Rate

Why is upping your conversion rate important?

It is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to increase leads and sales. Imagine this:  if a website currently converts at 1% and “conversion optimization” increases conversions to 2%, that equates to a doubling of leads and sales.

If you want to improve your website’s conversions and generate more leads and revenue, ask yourself:

  • What is the desired visitor action on a given page? Do you want visitors to make a call, complete a lead form or sign up for a newsletter?

Once you’ve identified the desired action, next identify and remove the roadblocks which are preventing conversions. Here are some common roadblocks and associated quick fixes:

  • Lack of visitor confidence.  Improve this by strategically displaying security seals, media mentions, 3rd-party ratings/reviews, testimonials, your privacy policy and satisfaction guarantees.
  • Poor page experience.  User experience can be improved by logical navigation; faster page load times; prominently displayed contact phone numbers; clear and specific calls-to-action, and by following many other usability conventions.
  • Form frustration.  Use the least amount of required fields as possible.  Statistics typically show that for each additional required field, completion rates drop 10%.  Less is more!

Fathom’s CEO, Scot Lowry, is often heard saying, “A #1 ranking won’t buy a loaf of bread,” and he is correct. High rankings are only valuable to your business if they garner qualified traffic and compel visitors to take action and convert.

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