Stats To Make Any Online Retailer Smile

Almost $20 billion. That’s how much money shoppers have spent with online retailers this holiday season.

As many of you probably know, the Thanksgiving weekend online shopping extravaganza, which also includes Cyber Monday, was the biggest in history.

No one is particularly surprised, but you might be interested to find out just how big it really was. I’m not a numbers person. However, I know where to find people who can take tons of data and put it into easily digestible stats even my fellow English majors and I can understand.

This time, I found those people on the Google Commerce Blog and the Google Retail Blog (thanks guys!). In this fantastic post, they crunched the numbers and came up with some pretty impressive online shopping trends you’ll definitely want to take the time to read and digest:

  • Searches for “black friday deals” were up 30% from last year
  • Searches for “cyber monday deals” and “cyber monday coupons” grew 15% year over year
  • On Black Friday, 50% of the top 20 rising searches on Google were centered around specific retailers or their promotions
  • On Cyber Monday the term “cyber monday deals 2011” was in the top five growing search terms (not to mention that it was the most profitable day in ecommerce history)

Aside from using the Internet to search for the best promotions, people were also using it to create a shopping plan of attack. “Black Friday store map” and “Black Friday store hours” were some of the popular choices.

Finally, we all know that  these searches weren’t all coming from desktops and laptops. And let’s be honest, a conversation about online shopping wouldn’t be complete unless we covered some of the mobile trends:

  1. Mobile coupons” searches were up 90% from last year
  2. Retail-related mobile searches on Black Friday were up 200% over last year

What are some of the major retail-related mobile searches? Location-based inquiries and price comparisons are two of the biggest, so keep that in mind when designing your mobile site (you do have one in the works, right?).

Online shopping has been steadily growing in popularity, but this time around the stats blew past years out of the water. Ecommerce retailers should definitely be standing up and paying attention, because the opportunities to grow your customer base and increase your ROI are better than they’ve ever been.

My only question for you is: What is your website and mobile site doing to encourage customers to buy online from you?


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