Boomers, Seniors & the Internet [Infographic]

When developing a marketing plan, seniors and boomers are two target demographics healthcare marketers should not ignore. This audience is particularly essential to a successful healthcare marketing plan when considering the Administration on Aging predicts that people 65 and older will represent 19% of the population by 2030.

For a senior, independence is a source of confidence and overall life enjoyment. Last year, Anthem released information on how seniors can stay active and “live fully well past retirement.”

One of these suggestions included learning new technology. While the Internet is not exactly new, Anthem encouraged seniors to use smartphones, email and social networks to stay in touch with their family and friends. As noted before on this blog, some seniors are already quite tech-savvy. So in honor of February being National Senior Independence Month, we would like to celebrate with an infographic that breaks down seniors and boomers’ Internet usage along with senior-friendly web design tips.

**Click infographic to view the full-size version and zoom in.

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Social Media in the Healthcare Industry

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  • Daniel says:

    Outstanding infographic! Millions of baby boomers are using the Internet daily, and due to the fact that there are so many baby boomers, this represents a huge opportunity for business owners and website owners to meet the wants and needs of this huge group of potential customers.

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