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If you’re not getting the leads you want and you can’t figure out why, the problem could be your website copy.  No matter what you sell, your audience has a specific need.  If your website doesn’t address that need you can be sure those potential customers will go to a competitor.  With persuasive writing techniques, you can craft your copy to speak directly to the audience you’re targeting.  One method I’ve been experimenting with lately is identifying the customer pain and presenting a solution to them.

Persuasive Writing in Action

Let’s say you’re a health food company.  One of your main target audiences is those who are lactose intolerant.  Your website copy as it stands today explains what lactose intolerance is, how to treat side effects of it and then lists some of your lactose-free products that might interest them.  To you, the website copy is perfect.  Beautifully written, informative and includes links to products your lactose intolerant customer would like.  The problem?  It doesn’t address the customer “pain” very well.

Revamp your website copy by first identifying the pain.  The customer pain is that they’re looking for foods without dairy in them.  Their objective when they get to your website is to find tasty products that they’ll be able to digest.  Your solution to their pain should be to provide them with options for their digestive pleasure.  The solution needs to be clear and concise, offering the reader only the information they need to know.  Here’s how I’d rewrite the copy.

First, immediately acknowledge the customer pain in the headline:

Finding Tasty Dairy-Free Foods Can Be a Challenge

Then I’d address their objective in a sub-heading:

What if you could find all of your favorite dairy-free foods in one place?

Next, I’d present my solution in the body of the copy:

Enjoying all of your favorite foods minus the stomach pain is simple with the Healthy Foods, Inc.  assortment of dairy-free foods.  We provide you with the most comprehensive selection of 100% natural, dairy-free foods on the market, including:

  • Dairy-free milk
  • Dairy-free pizza
  • Dairy-free cake, and much more.

Enjoy food again!  Order dairy-free foods from Healthy Foods, Inc. today.

Why the Method Works

This simple pain, objective and solution method of persuasive writing works because the reader feels like you understand them.  The copy lets the reader know that your company recognizes their concerns and has a viable solution.  The next time you’re wondering where your leads are, take a look at the copy on your website and make sure it directly addresses the needs of your customers.

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