Increase Delivery To Increase Conversions

The days of batch and blast email are over. IPS’s are smarter and stricter than ever so if you don’t have your deliverability under control you are leaving a lot of money on the table. It’s a simple concept; more emails in the inbox = more conversions. If there are any ISP’s where you are not solidly hitting the inbox it is time to start optimizing for delivery.

Here are some simple metrics to follow and some quick ideas to get your deliverability under control.

Opt-out Rates
Your opt-out rates should be under 0.3%. If they are any higher than that it means your messages aren’t being seen as relevant. Look for trends in who is opting out, test your message frequency and start segmenting your list to send messages only to the most relevant subscribers.

Open Rates
Are your open rates under 10%? The ISP’s are starting to look at the level of engagement that your subscribers have with your email. If people aren’t opening your messages you can quickly be stuck in the bulk folder. This is an area where testing message frequency and segmenting your list can help. You can also send reengagement campaigns to inactive subscribers twice a year.

Invalid/Bounce Rates
You shouldn’t have more than 0.5% invalid email addresses per send or more than 2% soft bounces. If you have a large amount of bad email addresses you need to start looking at the source of the problem. Where are the bad emails coming from? Is there one source that is worse than the others? If yes, then exclude them. If they are coming from your own forms than it is time to upgrade your form validation.

Complaint Rate
The dreaded spam button! It is so upsetting when your subscribers who opted into your database choose to hit the spam button instead of just unsubscribing from your email. If you are seeing complaint rates over 0.15% you need to get things under control. Once again a great way to go is to test your message frequency and segment your database so your messages are more relevant. Finally, if your complaint rates are consistently over the threshold you should include an unsubscribe link in your pre-header. It is much better to have a few more unsubscribes than a few more complaints.

If you can play by the rules the ISP’s won’t have a problem letting you in. Keep an eye on your delivery metrics and optimize to make sure your getting in to the inbox.


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Case Study: Email Deliverability

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