Google Launches Instant Preview for Ads

Google strikes again; they launched a new product that forces advertisers to scramble around wondering, “How will this affect me?”  This week, Google went public with Instant Preview for ads. The technology was rolled out in November of last year when they appeared on organic listings. It allows users to view the landing page they would be taken to if they clicked on it. This is done by clicking on a little magnifying glass that pops up next to every ad headline.

A very beneficial feature of this release is that, for now, users previewing your pages does not count as a click.  As always, you will only be charged if a user actually clicks on the ad itself. This will hopefully save your campaign some money in the long run since someone who wouldn’t convert on your page anyways will be less likely to click through if they’ve already seen your page and know it’s not what they are looking for.

What does this new feature mean for optimizing your paid search? For one, landing page presentation has never been more important. Not only are you trying to out-rank your competitor but you have to have the more appealing page to land on. This will most likely lead to fewer clicks for those landing pages that are not “quite” up to par. Google makes it no secret that they want to provide the best user experience possible, Instant Preview helps them with this goal.

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