Consumer Brand Manufacturing Spotlight: Mobile Christmas Failure

M-commerce fared poorly on Christmas Day last month, at least according to IBM data. How bad? E-commerce sites had 288% higher conversion rates on desktop than on smartphones. Jakob Nielsen broke down the details and significance, stating:

“This fresh data should serve as a wake-up call for e-commerce sites to get cracking on mobile usability, because many customers obviously want to shop on mobile devices.”

And don’t look the other way if you’re not in the e-commerce game; you likely have the same problems Nielsen stated:

  • No separate mobile design
  • Bad general usability
  • Non-compliance with mobile usability guidelines

More numbers that will make e-commerce marketing managers shudder: Average sales to desktop users were $107.72 while mobile users lagged far behind at $88.70. Adding insult to injury, desktop-user dollars made per visit were 372% higher than mobile. Ouch!

Hopefully the majority of senior marketers who view the mobile channel as critical for customer engagement in 2015 are paying attention to this study. Increasing mobile adoption is projected to continue—along with increasing advertising dollars. This IBM report serves as a sobering reminder that for all the progress marketers have made in mobile, we have much work left to do.

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