Clicking with Your Customers

Your goal is to get a desired action from a website viewer (i.e. fill out a form, buy a product, etc.). For this, you must create a clear path that navigates the viewer from each of your site pages to the specific action. Of course you employ buyer psychology tools; however, do you know if you’re placing the persuasive content on the page properly for each buyer behavior type?

At Fathom, we use and recommend Crazyegg. This analytic tool shows what viewers do when they browse your site. It offers the following views:

  • Overlay View – not only shows how many times each link within your page is clicked but also gives useful viewer information (e.g. country, referrer).
  • Heatmap View – shows everywhere viewers clicked on your page.
  • Confetti View – shows the top referral sites, search terms, browsers, etc. of viewers who clicked.
  • List View – provides much of the above information in an exportable form.

With Crazyegg, you can now visualize your web pages through your potential customer’s eyes. You can then add useful links to a specific page, move important action details above the fold, or whatever it takes to create user- and buyer-friendly pages. It’s a useful tool if you are trying to “click” with your customers’ buyer behaviors and get a specific action.

At Fathom, we offer a full range of technology services and products to help turn your viewers into customers.

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