Beating the Conversion Killers

Are you having trouble figuring out why your website visitors aren’t converting? Although it’s great to have high search engine rankings, this doesn’t always translate to increased revenue. In order to convert visitors, your website needs to address the conversion killers that cause people not to buy. These often draw on fears that have come about because of past purchasing experiences your customers have.

  1. Fear of wasting money: Remember the arcade game where you manipulated a claw-like apparatus to reach down and grab a toy? You probably had to play a couple rounds and dump a few dollars worth of tokens in the game, just to receive a tiny stuffed animal or nothing at all. Your wallet was emptied and you were left disappointed.
  2. Fear of being made fun of: When digital pets were popular in the mid-1990’s, a few friends and I each bought one. I told everyone that my digital pet would live forever and gave my friends regular updates on how the little guy was doing. I fed and nurtured it only to find that it died three days later. When I updated everyone about its death, I was teased for thinking it would live longer than a few days and it hurt being mocked for a product I believed in.
  3. Fear of feeling stupid: Have you ever bought something online or from a TV infomercial and when it was delivered to you, it wasn’t what you thought you ordered? You felt like the salesman duped you.

To get visitors to your website to convert, you need to attack these conversion killers with your content. Some website content tactics to eliminate these fears are:

  • Testimonials: These should fit the pages they’re placed on, combat objections to your product or service and be truthful and specific. Be sure not to over-edit these so they remain authentic.
  • Case studies: Highlight the major solutions you provided for your customer and give specific examples of how you reached these solutions.
  • Clear, reassuring calls to action: Each page of your website should have at least one call to action. These should use action verbs, imply a sense of urgency and support your buying cycle.
  • FAQs section: The questions should be relevant and the answers should be complete to remove any fears about your product.
  • Full contact information: This tells customers you’re real and how they can get in touch with you.
  • Provide photos of your team and your products to humanize your website.
  • Feature logos of any associations you’re affiliated with, partnerships you have and awards won.
  • Frequent updates to your site lets potential customers know that your company is alive and adds credibility to your site and company.

Driving traffic to your website with high rankings in search engines is great, but if the increased traffic doesn’t convert to buying customers, rankings mean very little. Eliminating conversion killers is more than just using tips and tricks on your website. It’s about paying attention to the buying fears of your customers and addressing them directly with your website content.

At Fathom, we work with you to identify opportunities to optimize your website content for conversion success. Contact us today to find out how we can remove conversion killers and increase revenue for your company.

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