80% of People Will Read Your Headline, So Make it Count

If 80% of people read your headline, you better make it count. But, should you really be focusing more energy on writing a catchy headline than you spend writing your actual content? This idea goes against everything a writer believes in.

According to Mashable, only 20% of readers will actually engage in your content. That means you should be focusing about 50% of your energy on creating a catchy headline and 50% of your attention on creating quality content. No pressure, right?

So the real question becomes, how do you spend 50% of your time effectively creating headlines without sacrificing the quality and relevancy of your writing?

When creating content, remember these simple rules:

  • Most readers scan content rather than read it
  • Sub-headers will always make content easier to read
  • Bulleted lists make content searchable
  • Readers only care about satisfying their needs

While you may have heard all of this before, it’s probably for a good reason. Any piece of content you write should be written with these ideas in mind. You will be more likely to keep your reader engaged past your headline, and you will start to become a trusted resource.

Some other ways to keep readers engaged include offering links to similar articles with more information, making it easy for them to share your content through social media, and asking for feedback or interaction through comments.

Any way you can make your content more engaging and user-friendly, the more likely you will be able to keep your audience reading past your headline.

Have ideas of your own? What do you do to keep your audience engaged?

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