5 Quick Ways to Increase Conversions in AdWords

Looking to boost the performance of your Google AdWords PPC campaigns quickly? Who isn’t?!

Consider the following tactics that will help increase conversions in AdWords:

  1. Protect Your Brand & Make Bank in the Process: With the recent study by Google showing that advertisers receive 50% increase in incremental clicks when showing up #1 organically and in PPC (and the possibility your competitors will bid on your brand), it’s really a no-brainer that your company should be bidding on its name and different variations. Branded keywords are by far your top converting, and you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not bidding on them.
  2.  Get Noticed More Often with SiteLinks: Are your campaigns using Google’s ad sitelinks? If not, do you realize how many potential clicks your campaigns are missing? Sitelinks can increase click-thu rate by more than 30% according to Google Internal Data 2011.
  3.  Accelerate Your Results with Accelerated Delivery: Have a top- converting campaign performing really well? Change the ad delivery from “standard,” which is Google’s default setting, to “accelerated” and generate more clicks and hopefully, more conversions. Make sure you increase your campaign daily budget to keep your ads showing throughout the day.
  4. Loosen Up Your Match Types and Reach More Customers: Have top- converting keywords in ‘exact match’ or ‘phrase match’ only? Consider loosening up your keywords to ‘broad match’ modifier and capturing more clicks and conversions.
  5.  Fight for Higher Positions–Bid Up Max CPC’s: Look at keywords converting under your goal cost-per-conversion and try bidding up if your average position is worse than the top spot. Try even running an ACE test to determine the ROI of your keyword with a higher CPC and better average position vs. the control CPC and average position.


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