5 Quick & Easy Ways to Optimize Your Google Display Network Campaigns

With much recent attention and advancement from Google, the Adwords Display Network is becoming a must-use piece of the pay-per-click advertising puzzle. As the amount of pre-purchase online research continues to increase and grow more competitive,  it is becoming more and more important to reach users not only on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but also relevant sites around the web. You want Internet users to keep your company top-of-mind, and the display network is a great way to do so with both image and text ads.

Below are five easy ways to optimize Google Display Network campaigns:

1.       Segment Campaign by Device – Typically, display campaigns do not perform as well in mobile as they do for desktops. If your cost per conversion is high, try opting out of mobile (if you’re opting in). If you find mobile to be working after segmenting a campaign by device, we recommend duplicating the display campaign and opting it into mobile only so that each group can begin being optimized independently.

2.       Use the Site and Category Exclusion Tool – Analyze the “Page Types”, “Media Types” and “Topic” data and determine if there pages or topics that are under-performing and exclude them to improve the cost per conversion of your campaign.

3.       Use the Site Exclusion Tool – Exclude automatic placements that are not meeting performance goals.

4.       “Show” Details of Automatic Placements – Look for placements that are converting at or under goal and consider adding them as managed placements to appear more often on the web sites that generate the most leads. Bidding up on managed placements that have a good track record can dramatically increase overall campaign performance.

5.       Ad Copy Optimization – Just like your ads in the search network, analyze which of your ads are performing best and pause off the poorer performing ads.

The tips and tricks above are easy ways to improve your display network campaigns and to ensure your companies ads are showing up on relevant and appropriate web sites.

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