5 Causes of Customer Struggle and How To Eliminate Them

Did you know that the leading cause of poor online sales is a due to negative online customer experiences?  According to a recent Harris Interactive Online Transactions survey, online retailers may have lost more than $44 billion over the past year as a result of transaction problems on their website.  The study also found that 27% of online shoppers would turn to an online or offline competitor if they encountered an online transaction issue.  Since poor online experiences can go viral in an instant, eliminating online customer struggle is one of the most important things marketers can do.  Here are five common online customer struggle scenarios and simple ways you can eliminate them.

  1. Seductive offer.  Companies often rely on their marketing staff to come up with seductive offers that grab people’s attention and make them want to buy.  Yet, it’s not enough to simply come up with an attractive deal.  Your offer needs to be pervasive and be mentioned on your landing page, checkout page and thank you page.  If not, you’ll leave your customers wondering if the offer is still available and many will abandon the buying process because of this concern.  Your offer loses power if it’s not visible throughout your website.
  2. Questions left unanswered.  Most customers are unwilling to make a purchase online without all of their questions answered.  One responsibility you have as a marketer and your website has as a marketing channel, is to make sure that all questions a buyer has are answered on your website.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to create a comprehensive FAQ’s section.
  3. Landing page optimization isn’t enough.  With PPC campaigns, your offer should be in the PPC ad copy, landing page, and throughout all possible customer paths.  The best way to achieve this is to use similar phrasing of the offer in each step of the buying process so that the offer is easily recognizable.
  4. Don’t count on visitors to understand.  Your website should spell out instructions for customers as they navigate throughout your site.  Explain to them why they are filling out a form and what you’ll do with the information they give you.
  5. Page load time and other technical components.  If an element on your website doesn’t load or takes a long time to load, you’ll frustrate your customers and many will abandon your site.  In addition to page load time, all other technical elements (such as buttons and videos) need to work properly.  Technical issues can hinder a website’s usability, so make sure that each element on your website functions properly.

Recognizing and removing online customer struggle can greatly improve the effectiveness of your Internet marketing campaigns.  Eliminate these five causes of online customer struggle and you’ll be well on your way to creating a positive customer experience and increasing your online revenue.

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