10 Reasons to Test Content

Do you know how effective the content on your website, landing page or email is? You can read all the blog posts and articles you want about copywriting techniques, words or phrases that sell, and strategies to consider, but until you test your content you’ll never know how well it is performing for your audience. Here are the top 10 reasons why you need to set up split testing for your email, PPC and website content:

  1. Focus groups, user testing and usability testing will only tell you how people think they will act, but A/B testing tells you how people actually act.
  2. Split testing confirms or disproves your findings from other qualitative data gathering.
  3. A/B testing allows you to isolate individual hypotheses, which can help you develop or update your best practices.
  4. A/B testing allows different messaging approaches that can lead to strategic marketing insights.
  5. Insights from one test can be used to improve other online and offline marketing messages.
  6. You don’t know how ineffective your content is until you test it.
  7. Testing reduces your risk of leaving a good idea on the table untouched.
  8. You can get A/B testing results quickly.
  9. You can test headlines, body copy, calls to action, and any other isolated element.
  10. A/B testing is easy to set-up and measure results from.

If you’re looking for ways to increase conversion rates and make sure you’re speaking to your target audience, testing your content is a necessary task to take on. Improve your conversion rates by implementing content testing into your online marketing strategy.

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