"World’s Leading (fill in the blank)"….REALLY?

I recently attended a material handling conference.  The technologies were amazing, and exhibitors were obviously investing heavily to build brand awareness and generate new leads.

As an online marketer, a large banner which read “Worlds Leading Palletizer” especially caught my eye.

I fired up my iPad and was surprised to see that this particular manufacturer was nowhere to be found in the first 2 pages of Google, nor were they investing in PPC.  I found a weak Linkedin profile, no Facebook page, no tweets and no video…nothing!  Upon visiting the manufacturer’s website I discovered an outdated, brochure ware-like website and a copyright dated 2009.

And here’s what really blew me away…

When I searched for “world’s leading palletizers” on Google, 6 of the Top 10 rankings in Google proclaim that they are the world’s leading palletizer.  So much for claiming a unique differentiator!

It’s safe to guess that this manufacturer probably invested at least $20,000 in this conference (with a 20×20 booth, heavy machinery brought indoors and 8 employees staffing the booth).  And the “World’s Leading Pallatizer” banner probably set them back a few thousand dollars too!

So what can B2B marketers learn from this?

Perception is reality.  If you claim to the the “World’s Leading _____”, then your online visibility must resonate with that message.

Where do you start?

  • Update your website!  Invest in Web 2.0 and be a trusted source of information in your industry
  • Invest in SEO strategies (involving on-page and off-page activities) to heighten organic visibility
  • Explore the power of strategically managed PPC to target your message
  • Get your social media house in order.  Don’t just claim your social media properties, but contribute to the conversation as well
  • Create and promote internet videos.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures.  Show the world your stuff!
  • If marketing budgets are tight (is yours?), reallocate budget dollars to support online marketing.  According to Pew Research, online marketing outperforms traditional marketing by a 4:1 margin


The world has changed, and online marketing evolves on a daily basis.  Keep your offline and online messages consistent in order to convey a clear, compelling value proposition.  If you brand your company as a “world leader” in 2012, then your website can’t look like 1997!


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  • Daiv Whaley says:

    I think it was Pres. Reagan who abolished the ‘truth in advertising’ standard or law. Now folks can say what they want with no repercussions. “Let the buyer beware” is more true now than ever before. Your post makes much sense – if you want to advertise how great you are, at least keep up with the Joneses when it comes to how your outreach materials look and function!

  • The same goes if a business claims to be innovative, state of the art, talented, visionary, sophisticated, etc. They better prove it when I’m searching for them online or they’ve already lost me!

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