Why Keywords Still Matter

There are a number of blogs and industry experts who provide tips on improving the SEO of your site.  And many of them provide solid ideas for building your online presence through search engine optimization.  That presence will increase your online credibility within the search engines and increase the quality of the traffic that you’ll see from the search bucket.

But if you boil everything down, the basic foundation for a solid SEO plan is still keywords.  Every on-page and off-page SEO tactic revolves around keywords and keyword themes that you define throughout your site.  Here are some SEO tips for creating a cohesive SEO plan focused on keywords.

  1. Research your keywords.  Look for keywords that best describe your products/services. Using a keyword research tool will help you expand the keywords that you find because not all searchers are the same.  There are many different ways to describe your products/services.
  2. Refine your keywords.  Sort your keywords in order of volume from highest to lowest. If you used the Google keyword tool, use the competitor factor combined with the volume to find the sweet spot of keywords.  If your average volume is 4,000 searches/month, find the keywords that have a competitive factor of less than 50%.
  3. Redefine your site meta data (page title, description, and keywords) by page,  incorporating your keywords.
  4. Rewrite your page content. Using 200-250 words to each page, incorporate the keywords from the meta data in your page content.
  5. Redirect text from other pages within your site as a hyperlink to your page using the keyword as anchor text.
  6. Request links to that each individual page using keywords that were used to optimize that individual page.
  7. Review your analytics by keyword. Follow the traffic that you receive from each keyword and identify the keywords that result in the best traffic (i.e. engagement, conversions, volume). Then you can create additional site content that focuses on those winning keywords.

If you use these basic tips when optimizing your site, you’ll provide the search engine crawlers with the content they need to properly index your pages, and you’ll reinforce the on-page keyword themes with internal site linking and external link building.

As the leading SEO agency in Columbus, Webbed Marketing has been testing these theories out with our great base of clients. Running keyword focused campaigns for our clients has produced some great results that align with our client goals. If you’d like to learn more about using SEO strategies on your site, sign up for our upcoming ‘webucation’ series from Webbed Marketing University.

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