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Why Internet Video Adds Value to Your Website – Reason Two: Content Creation (And Re-Creation)

By | July 24, 2012





Keeping to the comic book theme started in my last blog post about the value of Web video, I am reminded of Marvel’s Multiple Man when I think about Internet video. This lucky fellow can create duplicates of himself, which I think would be great if you wanted to stay home and work on a project but you had to be at work for a meeting as well. AND you also wanted to go on a bicycling vacation at the same time to the Bahamas or some other slightly far-flung destination.

Internet video works in a similar fashion.

With a Web video promoting a product or service, you can easily upload the video not only to YouTube but also to other video sharing sites such as Metacafe, Vimeo and Daily Motion, increasing your likelihood of being found on the Web for that video content. Videos placed on these sites can all link back to your original website as well, which helps your inbound link popularity.

There’s also many ways you can repurpose the content within your video to use on your website, since technically search engines still can’t “read” your video. A few of the more “actionable” stategies for content repurposing include:

  • Transcribing the text from the audio portion of the video and placing it on your website page – search engines can read it, noticing the keywords as well as the additional content created for your site.
  • Create screenshots of portions of the video, and display them on your website page along with alt. attributes for SEO purposes. You can also place captions below these images to create more content, and some enterprising marketers will even upload these images to social media file sharing sites to get links back to their main website.
  • Convert the audio file from the video into a podcast that listeners can enjoy without the images – an additional content source.

In a nutshell, Internet videos can be leveraged in multiple ways across a business website and across the entire Internet itself. You can create more content and inbound links for your business by simply repurposing a well-made and informative video in multiple ways.

Do you have product videos you’re not sure what to do with? Consider the many ways you can get attention, communicate your message and broadcast your brand through mulitple uses of online video. Be like the Multiple Man – duplicate your efforts from a single source for numerous purposes.


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Working at Fathom for the past 9.5 years, Daiv learned SEO and Internet marketing from the ground floor up. He's developed content strategies for numerous clients, written for multiple industries, managed accounts and written and produced online videos. He's also had a cable access TV show, created several video art installations, been a Rock journalist, and enjoys blogging about content marketing and SEO as well as digital strategy for manufacturers.

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