Why Internet Video Adds Value to Your Website – Reason One: Stickiness

With the new Marvel Comics’ adaptation of Spider-Man recently hitting the silver screen all across America, coupled with my memories as a small boy watching the cartoon version on TV after school, it seemed a good intro subject to bring-up a great reason for incorporating web video on to internal pages of your business website—stickiness. We’re not talking about the stickiness that comes from ol’ Spidey’s webs that he’d use to capture bad guys and web them to walls. No, instead I’m referring to the “stickiness” that means the longer amount of time visitors will spend on your site when they have a video to watch.

You see, for a long time now Google has intimated that one of their algorithmic criteria for determining the quality of a website is the amount of time someone spends on pages within the site. And what better way to provide meaningful content that folks will actually take the time to consume than to present that content as a video? Placing a video on an internal page gives your visitors something to absorb and learn, and that extra time spent on each such page is tracked by Google. An August 2010 study by Comscore even backs up this strategy, showing that on-average visitors stayed two minutes longer on a website when they watched a video.

So give your incoming traffic something worthwhile to watch on many of your internal pages—a product video, “how to” video, educational video, even a branding video … and watch your website’s status slowly climb upwards and upwards … just like Spider-Man climbing a skyscraper.

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Working at Fathom for the past 9.5 years, Daiv learned SEO and Internet marketing from the ground floor up. He's developed content strategies for numerous clients, written for multiple industries, managed accounts and written and produced online videos. He's also had a cable access TV show, created several video art installations, been a Rock journalist, and enjoys blogging about content marketing and SEO as well as digital strategy for manufacturers.

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