What Can SEO-Savvy Blogs Do for You?

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To blog or not to blog – if that is your question, then reading this post should help you find the answer.

Creating a blog for your company is an excellent way to implement SEO strategy. Many people do not realize the important connections between successful, regularly-updated blogs and SEO rankings. TopRank Blogging recently published a survey covering the “Impact of Blogging on Search Engine Optimization.” Of the 326 participants, 87.4% “successfully increased measurable SEO objectives as a direct result of blogging” and 94% “reported seeing measurable SEO benefits from blogging within 12 months.”

Of course, all statistics need to be taken with a grain of salt, but the overall impression you get from this data is that blogging positively impacts SEO functions. The bigger question worth asking is: Why does this happen?

Those who have spent time in the industry and seen the tangible results provided by SEO-friendly blogs can attest that these information creations serve several important functions. Blogging can:

  • Provide an easy way to create new, optimized content. When a company has a blog, they can create a stream of industry-relevant posts on topics that interest and inform their audience while providing supportive content for the keywords they’re targeting. New content can be posted instantly, and once readers become interested in your blog, you have a guaranteed amount of return traffic.
  • Attract inbound links, cross-link and facilitate general inter-blogging networking. If you publish credible, relevant and informative posts, other reputable sites will take notice and link back to yours. It is also a good idea to provide links to other industry sites and post comments on other blogs to start developing beneficial networking relationships.  In addition, you can also use your blog to cross-link to relevant pages in your own website.
  • Create a communication broadcast system that is instantly indexed by Google.  Blogs are the easiest way to instantly communicate information with your audience. They can be published with just a few clicks of your mouse, and Google instantly indexes them. Industry-relevant and keyword-rich information that Google immediately recognizes – what could be better?

In addition to these important benefits, blogging can also help your company communicate with target markets, establish authority in the industry, increase brand recognition, and rank for long tail terms. Blogs bring quality search traffic to your site while improving your visibility and presence in search engine results.

The benefits of blogs are many, and here at Fathom we strongly encourage our clients to set up and maintain an informative, beneficial and SEO-friendly blog. As part of our Search Engine Ranking and Visibility (SERV) Program, our specialists provide blog consultation that can include everything from content and tagging suggestions to the complete establishment of a new blog.

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