Weekly Tech Marketing Bytes: Timing Your Content

Timing is everything – especially when it relates to tech marketing and nurturing the technology decision-maker with your online content.

When UBM Tech Web asked technology buyers in their Buyers Research Study what would negatively affect their selection of a technology vendor, 70% said waiting a long time for a follow-up call. But as shown in this infographic, tech buyers are only responding to around 10% of a tech vendor’s communication. This is where the amount and timing of content play a part in your company being the one that they reach out to.

  • Wait, but don’t wait too long. According to the 2012 IDG Enterprise Customer Engagement survey, the average IT decision maker needs to consume 5 pieces of content before they are ready to talk to a salesperson. But they are ready to receive follow-up content related to what they’ve already downloaded. They want up to two pieces within 4 weeks of the original download.
  • Reach out and give a little guidance. The average tech buyer would like to be contacted within 6 days after consuming the proper amount of content.  When sending them more content, make sure you are aware of their stage in the purchase cycle because they typically use about 3 distinct content types during the “awareness,” “consideration,” and “purchase” phases of the cycle. Marketing automation programs that are built around this principle will be much more likely to drive MQLs (or marketing qualified leads).
  •  Make sure your content is timely. 41% of technology decision-makers would only consider consuming content that is less than one year old. That percentage shrinks the older the content.

With the buying process now averaging at nineteen months for those making big-ticket B2B IT purchases, it’s critical that B2B tech marketers are aware of the timing of their content. IDG Enterprise found in another study, “Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker,” familiarity with your product or service can cut the buying process in half.  How do you make sure your prospect is familiar enough with your company? Ensuring they see the right content at the right time.

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