Your Website’s Four Most Important Pages

Beyond your home page: What other pages demand attention?

Businesses have long operated under the assumption that their homepage is their website’s most important page. Unfortunately, after countless resources are spent refining the home page’s content and design, little time is left to optimize the rest of the site. What happens next is that the website takes on the traits of a deceivingly wrapped birthday present: It might be wrapped in pretty packaging, but its inside contains only minimal value.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not meant to imply that your home page is not important. It still serves as the gateway, and the lobby into your entire site. It is where your customers first come to meet you – And when done right, it’ll encourage visits throughout the rest of your site.

However, it’s important to note that website behavior has changed dramatically over the years. For many B2B websites, the most viewed page is decreasingly becoming the home page.

The four pages your visitors are looking for:

A Scanable and Easy to Navigate Products Page: Why do your customers visit your products page? It’s because they want to understand what you are selling? Unfortunately, too many companies take an encyclopedic and jargon-laced approach to their product page. Instead of a simple, easy to scan page, one that clearly relays the main features of their top products, they fill their page with unnecessary details.

Your goal should be to keep this page high-level. You don’t have to give away all the details up front. If necessary, more details can be provided in the form of product briefs or subpages.

A Differentiating Services Page:  Chances are you are not the only company in the world that sells your product or service. Maybe you offer free product training, maybe your product easily integrates with a number of different products, maybe you have no licensing fees, or maybe your product is simply less expensive.

Take note, what separates your product from the competition is not what it does, but how you help your customers integrate that product throughout their company. So be sure to highlight any of those differentiating services or features.

 A Personable About Us: Knowing what you do is only half the battle. An “About Us” page, highlighting the faces behind your company, will help eliminate tension and visitor anxiety.

Don’t limit your website to a single, static and text based “About Us” page. Instead, immerse the pages with personality and detail. Company history, customer videos, and team member bios are great ways to give your company a little personality.

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A Voice of the Customer Testimonials Page: Keep in mind, even if you have a B2B website, your website is still selling to individuals – individuals whose views and decisions are directly dependent on their own personal experiences and factors.

With this in mind, do not overlook the influencing power of a testimonials page. Often the tipping point in a sales cycle, a well-designed and written testimonials page offers insights and assurances into the type of quality results you and your services are capable of delivering.

Remember, your website is not just a place prospects & customers visit once. Instead, they will visit multiple times throughout their entire journey with your company. The key is to be sure your website offers the appropriate content every time they come for a visit.

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