The Value of SEO and Quality B2B Content

As you create your content, it should always be with an eye toward reaping the benefit of organic SEO. After all, if your content doesn’t show up in searches, it won’t matter how useful it is. For B2B companies competing for a relatively small pool of potential customers, this is truer than ever. Your content creators should audit your company’s keyword list to determine which keywords will lend themselves best to the goal of your content marketing strategy. Depending on what the goal of your content marketing strategy is, as content creation gets under way, it may be necessary to expand your keyword list.

Although it is obviously important to create professional, high quality content, the experts agree that it is better to have new content being published regularly than to publish sparsely because you’re waiting to make sure your content is perfect. It is also important to make sure before publishing that your content is easily shareable.

When publishing, B2B companies should, like any other, make their content available across appropriate social channels, taking advantage of any opportunities this affords to enter into broader conversations. For example, search to see if there are new hashtags pertinent to your content that could be used to reach an entirely new twitter audience. Your company should also share content strategically on sites like, while continuing to target only people who would genuinely benefit from or be interested in your content. No successful business relationship has ever been founded on spamming!

By creating a content marketing strategy that produces timely, useful, engaging content that meets the needs and wants of your target audience, is optimized with SEO and can take advantage of social media platforms to reach new audiences, B2B companies can drive ROI in a more organic way than ever before.

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