Using Google’s Freshness Update to Your Advantage

“Search results, like warm cookies right out of the oven or cool refreshing fruit on a hot summer’s day, are best when they’re fresh. Even if you don’t specify it in your search, you probably want search results that are relevant and recent.”

That’s what Google said when they announced on November 3 the new “freshness” update to their algorithm. And since the announcement, you may be wondering how you can use the algorithm change to your advantage.  Here are some tips that will help you rank higher in search engine results, and also provide your website visitors with relevant, useful content.

  1. Get a blog. The most effective and highest ranking blogs are installed on your company’s domain and are updated frequently.
  2. Shoot videos and promote them. Videos are a great marketing tool for your website pages, blog posts, and more. However, you should also be mindful of frequently uploading your videos to YouTube and other video sharing websites. It’s just another way to show Google that you’re providing new and relevant content for your audience.
  3. Get social. Regularly share content on social media properties and connect with people who have like interests.
  4. Manage forums. With the introduction of social media and blogs, many businesses have all but abandoned managing or contributing to forums, but it might be time for you to explore this tactic again. A forum offers you another way to develop fresh content, and it also allows customers to learn more about your products or services, ask questions and vent frustrations. In turn, you can respond to the forum posts.
  5. Q & A content. Adding this section on your website gives website visitors a place to consult if they have questions. In addition, it’s a section that can be continually populated with new questions and answers as they arise.
  6. Time stamp content. The freshness algorithm update wants the most recent and relevant content to rank, so it’s almost a no-brainer that you’ll want to date your blog posts, press releases and other materials as you upload them to your website.

The algorithm change is designed to improve the quality of search results and make sure you get the most up to the minute answers to what you’re searching for. So embrace the freshness algorithm update and start developing and sharing timely, relevant content.

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