Unforgivable SEO Content Mistakes

When writing for search engine optimization purposes it is easy to neglect your content. Targeting keywords can sometimes make it challenging to write freely, and by focusing too much on SEO, you can lose some of your content’s value. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can be sure your content matches the quality of your website.

  • Not proofreading your work – While incorporating keywords into your content is important, it is also necessary to pay close attention to spelling and grammar. Poorly written content can turn potential customers away and leave them doubting your credibility.
  • Making your paragraphs too long – Including large chunks of text on your website can be an easy way to incorporate keywords, but it can be intimidating to the reader. Break up text with white space, images and videos.
  • Offering only generic information – If someone is interested in a product/service you offer, give them more than just basic information. They probably already know the basics; include valuable content that presents new and relevant information. It is easy to keep repeating the same information, but people want their questions answered, so use your content as a way to answer them.
  • Targeting the wrong audience – By writing content that is too technical or complicated to read, you could actually be ignoring the needs of your target audience. By gathering a basic understanding of your audience, you will be able to write better content that is geared for your target market.
  • Ignoring the negatives of a product/service – While pointing out the negatives in your product/service may seem like a bad idea, acknowledging the flaws allows you to maintain control of the situation. You can create content that illuminates the issue and your continuing effort to turn the negatives into positives.
  • Keyword stuffing – Always a bad idea, keyword stuffing can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your content. Readers will feel as though your content does not answer their questions or provide any value, making them distrust your brand.

If you go back to basics and focus on creating quality content, you should never run into any of these unforgivable content errors. However, if you have been guilty of any of these, take the time to correct your mistakes and avoid them in future writing.

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