To Comment or Not to Comment?

I’m sure it has crossed your mind once or twice; does commenting on blogs really help your traffic? The simple answer, it depends on how you do it. It may be more beneficial for you to spend your time creating one well-written, useful blog post than leaving a hundred useless comments on random posts.

However, with a smart commenting strategy, you can attract the type of traffic you want.

In the Internet marketing industry, establishing relationships is the most effective way to increase your traffic. By adding comments to blog posts that have value, the blogger will begin to recognize your name. Through this growing relationship, they may eventually start sending you a significant amount of traffic.

So what exactly is “valuable” commenting? Consider the following suggestions:

  • Read the post thoroughly and only make a comment if you have something interesting or important to say. And no, “what a great post” does not count as something important to say.
  • Join in on existing conversations about the post. Add your own thoughts to the conversation after you have thoroughly read what is already present.
  • Offer any additional resources where readers can find more information. The blogger will see you as a source of relevant information and value your comments.
  • Choose one specific thing from the article to comment about and add some further insight into the topic.

If you use commenting as a way to develop relationships and stay active in the community of your peers, it can be a successful traffic strategy. If you use commenting as an easy way out of writing your own original, thoughtful content, you may find it falls short of your expectations.

So, now is your chance to share with us. What are your valuable thoughts on blog commenting as a traffic strategy?

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  • Kurt Krejny says:

    What a great post Angela! 🙂

    I agree with all your points and would add to be cordial and not add fuel to the fire if you wholeheartedly disagree with a post. Negatively toned comments can come back to haunt you if not positioned correctly. They get indexed right along with the blog post content. I would also encourage people to fill out all profile details associated with their comment posting, i.e. name, URL, social profiles, etc.

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