To Blog or Not to Blog – It's Not Even a Question!

It’s funny how certain items, activities and even fashion trends catch on while others are left behind,seemingly in the dust. Take Beta videotape, for example—predicted to be a hot commodity, it was totally left behind by the VHS format instead.  And then there was this supposedly amazing Britsh rock band of the early 1990s who were supposed to explode in transcendant flame and dominate the indie world forever: The Fatima Mansions. Ever heard of them? Nope, I thought not.

Currently, the business world has been drawn in by the allure and relative ease of social media antics—the Facebooks, LinkedIns and Twitters of the Internet world. Everyone is radio-gaga for tweets and Facebook postings and blah blah blah, even if much of the content is about nothing interesting, let alone vital to the business lead-gen market. And while there is strong value in social media BECAUSE everyone else is paying attention to it, you better be putting some quality content in your social media strategies or else you’re generating so much fluff and flotsom and jetsam…and how long can THAT really last as a workable strategy?

Meanwhile, the authornauts of the Blogosphere continue to generate really good content on lots of important subjects….fitness, politics, culture, the environment…and yes, the business world too. Blogging, time-wise, is still a remarkably valuable activity and it adds great value to business websites. Increasing your voice of authority in your particular industry, developing loyal readers who will trust you and your brand promises, not to mention creating fresh content with keywords—oh! how the search engines love THAT stuff…blogging is heartily recommended and we encourage all our clients to do it.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s an interesting and relevant post from Brian Gardner, a partner at Copyblogger Media, talking all about the great value that blogging brings to a business website. Read it and enjoy it, folks!

After that, if you’re still curious, check out previous Fathom posts on content development and blogging. We didn’t write the book on this stuff, but we add to that volume of marketing literature on a daily basis!

About Daiv Whaley

Working at Fathom for the past 9.5 years, Daiv learned SEO and Internet marketing from the ground floor up. He's developed content strategies for numerous clients, written for multiple industries, managed accounts and written and produced online videos. He's also had a cable access TV show, created several video art installations, been a Rock journalist, and enjoys blogging about content marketing and SEO as well as digital strategy for manufacturers.

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