The Monstrous Problem with Your Digital Content Efforts [INFOGRAPHIC]

New Research: Most Marketers Jump Straight into Content Creation, Skipping the Strategy

You’ve got this whole content creation thing down. Or do you? Is it as effective as it could be if it’s not based on a sound strategy? Are you creating the most engaging content possible if you don’t know what topics engage your audience?

In a recent webinar, Fathom content strategists Jennifer Frates and Haley Hite walked through the creation of a documented content strategy for our client and windshield guru, Safelite AutoGlass. In that webinar, the two conducted a series of poll questions to gauge the attendees’ content strategy status. Some of the questions included the following, among others:

  1. How much time do you spend conducting audience and/or market research?
  2. How often do you publish new content?
  3. What’s your biggest challenge in terms of content and/or social media strategy?
  4. What are your goals in the area of content and/or social media strategy for 2016?

The results were slightly surprising, but at the same time, slightly expected. Most marketers aren’t spending very much time on the research portion of content strategy, especially when it comes to performing audience research and creating buyer personas. Additionally, the quantity of content creation is not a problem, but lack of strategy is.

What does all of this mean? Content creation is the easy part – it’s the strategic side that most marketers are lacking. The bad part about that scenario is that if your content isn’t strategic, you’re simply creating content to create content. And most likely you’re creating content that’s just going to blend in with the thousands of other pieces of content being published every day.

The solution: take a step back and get your content strategy documented, and start with the research. If you need help, contact our content strategists today.

View the infographic below to see the full results from our content strategy webinar poll.


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