The Difference between Healthcare Content and Content Delivery

Quality content marketing for healthcare begins with understanding the difference between content and content delivery. While the terms are often used interchangeably, there’s a distinction that’s vital to understand as you strive for content leadership in the healthcare industry.


Healthcare content is the written product created for publication through your company. It can take the form of an article, blog post, white paper, guide, video, image, infographic, or social media post. It’s important to remember that no matter what form it takes, content is the marketable product. Separate from whatever venue through which people consume it (Facebook, a blog, or YouTube), content is simply the words or images used to tell a story.

Healthcare professionals use content marketing strategy to build relationships with clients, provide health information and create conversions. They might engage with patients and families through comments on social media or blogs. Or they could offer helpful information to customers through news articles, images and guides. Focusing content on certain audiences, topics and goals helps tell different stories that might invoke meaningful and effective reactions among users and patients.

Content Delivery

If healthcare professionals create the content, they choose the content delivery. They can deliver content to the public by choosing to use these different venues:

  • Blogs
  • Social media websites
  • Company websites
  • News sources
  • YouTube
  • Newsletters

Delivery strategy takes content one step further by focusing on how the product is distributed. Healthcare professionals might try to reach potential customers through healthcare news sites and current customers through their Facebook accounts or newsletters. Each venue connects the company with a specific audience base.

Paying special attention to content delivery allows you to care for your customers in new and influential ways. No matter what your healthcare content covers or how people utilize it, be intentional about how you create and deliver it.

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