The 10-Minute SEO Checklist for Captivating Content

Creating a visually appealing and unique web page is always a priority. After all, your web page is sometimes all a visitor has to judge you by. However, if you focus too much attention on how your page looks, you could be overlooking some important content aspects. The content on your web page is just as important, if not more important, than your web design.  Well-written content can play a vital role in search engine optimization efforts by helping your keywords to rank on search engines.

When you think you’ve finished creating your website, test it on this ten minute checklist to ensure you are optimizing your content effectively.

  1. Is the information useful and relevant? Does it match your goals?
    Believe it or not, visitors read your website’s content. They may only scan it, but if it is relevant and useful information they will be more likely to continue reading.
  2. Is the content clear, concise and simple to read?
    Most visitors to your website are busy. They don’t have the time to decipher complicated language or industry jargon. Give them the information they need in a simple and clear manner.
  3. Is the content written professionally?
    Content acts as the voice for your web page. Sounding knowledgeable and professional can help you seem reliable and trustworthy.
  4. Are there any grammatical or spelling errors?
    Grammatical and spelling errors are the easiest way to make your web page seem unprofessional. If there are too many mistakes in your content, visitors will doubt your credibility.
  5. Is it engaging? Will it draw in your target audience?
    If you write engaging content, your target audience will read it.
  6. Is there a consistent voice throughout the entire website?
    Keeping your voice consistent throughout your website is another useful way to gain the trust of your audience.
  7. Can it be easily scanned or read by an audience?
    While you may want to include descriptive content, not every visitor is going to want to be overwhelmed with information. By making your content easy to scan, visitors will be more responsive.
  8. Is the Meta data appropriate for the web page and keywords?
    Including appropriate Meta data that targets your keywords can drastically increase your page ranking on search engines.
  9. Are there appropriate and strategically placed calls to action?
    Don’t make your audience guess at their next move. Help guide them through the steps you want them to take.
  10. Is there appropriate internal contextual linking?
    Use your content to target keywords and include appropriate links. By linking keywords you can help your audience find the information they are after.

While you may not have understood the importance of effective copywriting initially, it is easy to see that not only can great content help increase your rankings, but it can directly influence a user’s experience on your website. Make a strong impression with well-written content!

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  • Scot Lowry says:

    Your post is right on target. It speaks to the need for a clear value proposition, especially for websites promoting products and services. Sites with a clear value proposition communicate what pain is being resolved and with what objective solution and why the website owner is uniquely qualified to provide the solution better than the visitors other choices. Websites that do this attract customers who are more likely to pay a premium price because the value to them is clear. I recommend a book by Kevin Daum titled, “ROAR!” for anyone interested in figuring out how to develop and communicate a powerful value proposition that will attract more of the right kind of customers to any site.

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