Stop Solving the Wrong Problems with Content Marketing

If there is one thing most companies understand, it’s that content is king. But, what most marketers struggle with is how to create content worthy of the royal treatment.

By trying to pump out content to one-up the competition, many marketers lose sight of what’s most important. They’re trying to solve the wrong problem. The problem isn’t that companies aren’t posting enough content; it’s that they aren’t focusing on their goals and priorities.

Give Your Content Marketing the Royal Treatment

Content marketing is growing in popularity, but many online marketers are too focused on speed over quality. It’s counter-productive to create content without a clear strategy, clear goals and a clear focus in place.


Throw away all the random content pieces you planned to create this quarter and take some time to develop a focused and creative content strategy:

  • Identify your intended audience and desired reaction. What action do you want your audience to take after engaging with your content?
  • Define your goals. A good goal to start with is to create content that will benefit viewers while also building engagement.
  • Brainstorm original content. Don’t just re-purpose collateral; create new pieces that can demonstrate how your business will benefit your audience.
  • Develop a plan for promotion. Engineer engagement through social media channels, as well as other outlets such as content communities, mobile outlets and industry blogs.

Creating content for your brand should be fun! Consider different mediums for your content strategy to target your different audiences. Vary your content with video, infographics, articles, images and statistics.

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