Online Video Views Explode to All-Time High in June 2011!

A recent article in ClickZ by Jack Marshall further excitedly confirms what the video prophets have been forclaiming for several years now – Internet video continues to grow and grow as a marketing and content creation/consumption tool.

According to the article, Internet users in America engaged in over 6.2 BILLION video viewing sessions in June of 2011 – the largest amount of viewing ever recorded – with the definition of ‘engagement’ in a viewing session as “a period of time with continuous video viewing followed by a 30-minute period of video inactivity.”

Leaving all the granular stats to your own reading pleasure with the article itself, what this means for online video is continued massive upward growth. For producers of web videos, look for more new clients to jump on your bandwagons as they realize the reach and ease of web video as an advertsing and marketing vehicle. For businesses especially trying to reach the 20-to-50 year-old consumer demographic, your best shot at listening ears and watching eyes for your brand messages and commercial pitches is through Internet video. It’s that simple.

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