My Favorite Content Creation Tools for OEM Marketing

Content creation is one of many manufacturing marketing trends. But, unlike most trends, content marketing is here to stay. Every industry has difficulty meeting the fast-paced needs of creating a never-ending pool of content. Plus, many companies are doing this with internal marketing teams and employees who are not trained writers.

Unfortunately, manufacturing marketing suffers from these issues about tenfold. The reason why—OEM marketing has a self-confidence issue. The belief that manufacturers cannot create engaging content has held steady in the past 2 annual Manufacturing Marketing Reports conducted by the Content Marketing Institute.

Get over your fear of content with these helpful content creation tools, which will stimulate your industrial marketing strategy and content program.

1. BuzzSumo

Thanks to BuzzSumo, finding popular, successful content is incredibly easy. This content Ideas for OEM Marketingcreation tool has both a free version and a paid version. With the free version, you can submit a topic you’re interested in and see the top 10 pieces of content on this topic. It also lets you see how much this piece of content is shared, who shared it, what social channels it’s most popular on, and more. You can also search for the top content influencers by topic, which will give you a good idea of who to follow for relevant information.

2. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Whether you want to take its silly titles at face value—content misdirection is a viable strategy—or use them for inspiration, the Content Idea Generator is sure to get your creative juices flowing. All you have to do is insert the keyword you want to write about and the tool will come up with a limitless amount of ways to spin that keyword. One thing is for sure when you use the Content Idea Generator—you won’t walk away with a boring topic. This will help your industrial marketing agency think outside the box when writing about topics that can be considered dull.

3. Hemingway App
Whether you’re not confident in your writing or you’re rushed & looking for a second pair of eyes, Hemingway App is the way to go. This tool is especially useful for OEM marketing teams that are trying their hand at content marketing without access to trained writers. The Hemingway App is free and edits for clarity by rating the overall complexity of the content. Plus, it highlights sentences that are difficult to read or overly wordy and gives simpler alternatives. If your manufacturing products and processes are very technical, this tool is a great way to be sure you’re communicating in a way your audience can understand.

4. Canva
It is common knowledge that content is more likely to be read if it includes pictures or graphics. If you don’t have a photographer or graphic designer on hand, though, this may feel impossible to accomplish. Enter, Canva. This tool makes professional, trendy, and custom graphics accessible to even the most design-challenged manufacturing marketers. Plus, you can create graphics specifically for a variety of mediums and channels, such as blogs, Facebook cover photos, Instagram photos, and infographics.

5. Manufacturing Industry Leaders
Have no shame in looking to others in your industry for content ideas. Obviously, blatant copying is never acceptable. A thorough industry analysis, though, will give you a great sense of where your OEM marketing strategy is lacking and what you need to catch up on. Use the successful content assets of other industrial marketers to inspire your own original content strategy. Plus, you can always reach out to successful manufacturing blogs and publications for guest writing opportunities.

Content Marketing OEM MarketingFinal Takeaways

Creating content for your industrial marketing strategy does not have to be nearly as hard as it’s made out to be. Each and every manufacturing company uses unique processes and creates products that are fascinating to a given audience. It just takes a little bit of outside-the-box thinking combined with content creation tools to make the process smoother.


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