Mobilegeddon: Beat This Villain With a Mobile-Friendly Site

SEO Mobilegeddon mobile algorithm updateWe were warned. Now the algorithm updates to end all algorithm updates is upon us and there’s no way to stop it. It goes by the name “Mobilegeddon”, and there’s no need to fear this X-men-like villain as long as your site is mobile friendly. If you’re now realizing your site isn’t mobile friendly, you may be dealing with an epic algorithm villain the likes of which you have never seen. It all comes to a head on April 21st, 2015.

Luckily, there is a way to save yourself and your site from Mobilegeddon.
All dramatic statements aside, this is a change that most digital experts have been anticipating for the past two years. If you’re just hearing about this now, it’s time to save the day for your business and customers and make your site mobile friendly.

What To Do?

At the very least, make your site mobile friendly at a basic level.
1. First, start with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. This tool gives you quick feedback on your site’s mobile experience.
2. Then, make sure your site is either responsive or has a separate m. site. While Google claims that responsive is the best way to go with your site, having an m. site is still acceptable.

Go Beyond the Basics

If you have the time, go beyond just making your site mobile friendly. Become your customer’s mobile super hero and create the best possible mobile user experience you possibly can. You can get started on your mission by following these mobile SEO tips that shows exactly how to make your site a mobile juggernaut.
If you take advantage of these tools to arm yourself against the April 21st update, you’ll be able to create a better experience for your customers and take your digital presence to infinity and beyond.

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