The Less is More Approach to Content Writing

There is a fine line between providing your audience with the information they seek and overwhelming them with hundreds of lines of useless text. Yes, your site should offer valuable and engaging content, but it must do so without boring your readers. If your content does not offer quick hitting information, your readers will bounce. They will then  happily go hunting for another site that offers fast and accurate answers.

The trick becomes making your content short, clear and concise. You need to engage your audience and offer them value, but without boring them to death:

  • Keep your paragraphs short: Write in short paragraphs, containing a minimum amount of sentences. Break up longer paragraphs into two or three sections. The more white space on a page, the easier it is for your reader to scan.
  • Keep your sentences shorter: Are your sentences full of clauses, adjectives, and metaphors? Start cutting out unnecessary words and phrases. If a word or phrase does not directly move your content forward, chances are it is not needed.
  • Simplify Terminology: Using industry jargon and twenty-five cent words will turn your visitors away. Challenge your readers, but do so by using universally recognizable terms and phrases.
  • Use Action Verbs: Critically analyze the verbs in your text. Do the verbs in your text convey action and move your content forward? Or, do you have a tendency to write a lot of “is” and “are” sentences.  By using action verbs that create momentum, your copy will become concise and compelling.

The copy on your site should serve more than just a Search-engine Optimization function. By creating informative, yet easy-to-read content, you will engage your audience on a deeper level.

About Robert Hosler

Rob is a Senior SEO Strategist at Fathom. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in English from Kent State and with more than seven years of direct SEO experience, Rob prides himself on pairing his knowledge of SEO with creative solutions to help clients always remain one step ahead of the everchanging search engine algorithms. Rob has worked for Fathom since 2011, and over those years he has taken great pride in helping a wide range of client grow their digital footprint. When he’s not heads down in SEO strategy, Rob is an avid reader who enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.

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  • Good advice but sometimes easier said than done. I agree with all your suggestions–especially keeping your sentences short and succinct–which is probably my biggest problem. Thanks for the suggestions and I’ll be back for more!

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