How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

When it comes to content marketing, personalization is key. You can have the best content in your industry, but if you’re not writing the content your audience is interested in, what’s the point?

Personalization on the Web began with things like targeted Facebook ads, suggested and related products, and personalized emails. But that’s not enough anymore. Your customers want to feel like they have a personal connection with your brand.It is your job as a content marketer to use the data you have to make better decisions about creating a comprehensive picture of your ideal client. Understanding their behaviors and motivations should guide your content marketing

But, how do you get this close to your ideal customer? There are a variety of ways you can interact with your customers and use the information you gather to provide them with a better user experience.

Try a few of the following ways to make your website a more personalized experience for your target customers:

  • Interact directly through social media
  • Create Facebook polls and questions
  • Install a live chat function on your website
  • Offer deals and incentives on relevant products
  • Create a faster check-out process for repeat customers
  • Recommended products or shopping lists based on previous purchases
  • Offer notifications when new items are available or back in stock
  • Create a user-friendly mobile site for easier purchasing
  • Offer exclusive deals to your most loyal subscribers

Brand Loyalty

What are the benefits of getting one-on-one with your clients? Not only will it give you a better opportunity to close a sale, it will also help you build brand loyalty. By keeping things personal with your clients, they will be more likely to choose you again in the future.

The little things really do matter, so by offering your repeat customers an easier shopping experience, personalized incentives or other unique offers, they will start to favor your brand over your competitors.

Plus, getting personal with your ideal client is a great opportunity for you to find out what you’re doing right and what your company can improve upon. Take feedback and use it to your advantage.

Have any tactics that you use to grow your loyal followers? Share them with us.

About Angela Verlei

Angela Verlei is a Senior Content Strategist at Fathom, and has been working as a copywriter with the company for more than three years. She is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College, and her experience leans toward the creative side of content creation, SEO and marketing. These skills have steered her to become the lead e-commerce and retail writer at Fathom. Angela specializes in guiding the creation and delivery of cohesive and creative content strategies to exceed client goals. Outside of the office, Angela enjoys using baking and scrapbooking as an outlet for her creativity.

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