How to Explain Healthcare Content Marketing to Your Executives

Healthcare content marketing requires sensitivity and diligence, but many don’t realize that it also takes courage. Marketers often run into push-back from corporate executives in the healthcare industry because of the time and effort content requires, and it can be tempting to back down to executive opposition. But if you want to succeed at your job, you have to stand up for it. And to defend your job, you have to speak the corporate language. Follow these tips to logically justify your healthcare content marketing efforts:

Customers Require Human Connections

With all of the finance, management, and safety concerns involved in running a healthcare company, executives can easily lose sight of the humanistic side of healthcare. Remind your managers that when potential customers experience a positive connection with your company – whether it’s through a research study posted online or a helpful doctor’s visit – they are more likely to continue a relationship with you. Despite financial worries and management politics, a healthcare company must maintain its customer relationships to succeed.

Connections Require Individualized Content

With the Internet revolution, marketers know that online content is one of the most effective ways to reach an audience. Healthcare customers use the Internet to seek accurate facts, health-sensitive articles, and nurturing communities. Health content has to exist in multiple venues so it can reach patients and potential customers. Only you can make your executives understand that. Create personas to make your audience real to the executives. By specifying each customer’s needs, you can guide your executives to see the business value in content marketing.

Individualized Content Requires Work

Once the C-suite understands your audience’s needs, it’s time to explain that creating content takes time. Persona-based marketing involves building relationships, and quality relationships require effort. Explain that although content marketing takes time, lasting relationships and brand credibility are the lasting result.

So, go ahead. With these tips in mind, you can muster up the courage to defend your work and sell the value of content. Healthcare content marketing is an investment in real relational and financial results. If healthcare executives want to invest in the success of their company, they will support content that reaches each of your unique customers.


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Francesca Luppino is a Content Strategist at Fathom. She joined Fathom in 2012 after graduating from Hiram College, where she studied English and communication. She develops and implements content marketing strategies primarily for the Education vertical. Francesca’s expertise covers on-site and off-site content, blogs, social media, SEO, guides and large downloads, and creative content strategy. She uses her passion for education to deliver engaging, conversion-based content for clients.

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