Guide Campaigns in Assisted Living Marketing: A Case Study

Can a Guide Campaign jump-start your senior living company’s digital marketing efforts? You bet! In this case study from a major national player in the assisted living industry, you’ll see just how powerful a senior living guide can be in attracting new leads, educating potential residents, and stewarding leads into move-ins.

Cut to the Chase: What Were the Results?

Let’s get right down to business – since the Senior Living Guide that my Fathom Healthcare team created for this client went live,  we’ve seen almost 400 leads come in. The transaction is simple: the person gives us their name, phone, and email, plus where and when they are looking to move in, and in return they get this free PDF download. We also have a call-tracking phone number printed in the Guide, so we’re tracking those guide-generated calls and vetting them as potential leads as well.

So what’s the value in producing a Senior Living Guide? Well, consider that our client is willing to spend $100 for a qualified pay-per-click lead, and Fathom is delivering senior living leads for even cheaper than that; in that case, those 400 online leads would be worth $40,000. And if I told you the client only paid $2,500 for the guide plus the landing page, then you could calculate in your head that the return-on-investment was $16:$1. A good investment of this client’s marketing dollars? I think so.

Senior Living Digital Marketing Leads

That’s interesting. But why a Senior Living Guide?

I’m glad you asked. As with every marketing decision we make here at Fathom, let’s start with the data. First, how many visits does it take your prospects to make that most important conversion – ie, fill out a lead form, contact a community, or schedule a tour? For this client, you’ll see it’s almost 90 percent of their conversions come on the first or second visit (upper left). I’m also including another client, one of their competitors, just for comparison’s sake. For this one, we see that number is roughly 93%. These two data points demonstrate unambiguously how important a conversion-oriented website truly is, and how you really only do get one chance to make a good impression (or two at most!).

Digital Analytics for Senior Living

Where this Senior Living Guide makes a difference is in capturing that precious other 10% of  visitors – those at the proverbial “top” of the sales funnel who are still in research mode. These caregivers and potential residents aren’t ready to contact your company or tour your community; they are instead trying to understand and evaluate their options. In fact, 13 percent of the Senior Living Guide downloads came 12-30 days after the person’s first visit – meaning people are researching, reading, and learning as they make this critical healthcare and lifestyle decision.

Having a quality piece of content like a Senior Living Guide to provide value to visitors and nurture them in their decision-making process is an important piece of any holistic digital marketing program. This Guide is helping convert PPC visitors at the top of the funnel, adding value to SEO, and even getting shared via social media (see those 37 referral conversions? Many of those are via Facebook and other social media.).

OK, that makes sense. Where are you going from here with your senior living digital marketing efforts?

With the success of this strategy, we have several follow-on tactics to try. Here are some ideas of where we’re going, and don’t forget that I wrote about this a few months ago as well.

  1. Eventually, we will enter these leads into a marketing automation program, and use them for drip email nurturing and lead scoring. My colleague Paul has written extensively on the exciting world of marketing automation, and nowhere is this technology more applicable than the assisted living industry.
  2. We’ll also expand our guide campaign strategy to encompass both product- and region-specific guides. So, we’ll have guides around memory care, independent living, skilled nursing, and assisted living. Then, we’ll also have “Your Guide to Senior Living in Austin,” so prospects can read about all our client’s communities in that area and make the right decision for them.
  3. Content is useless if it isn’t read, so we’ve been experimenting with advanced light-boxes to pop up value content that we think a website visitor will be interested in. Rather than annoying pop-ups, these simple calls-to-action are based around the user’s geography and behavior – even on past visits! – and are the next step in getting our message in front of the right audience at the right time.

As you can see, Senior Living Guides are playing a growing role in digital marketing for the senior living industry. Fathom’s clients will continue to grow and prosper through this innovative strategy that provides valuable information and support to caregivers.

Interested in learning more? Download our comprehensive white paper,

From Lead to Move-in: Digital Marketing for the Assisted-Living Industry


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