Give Your Content a Brand-Building Spark

If you didn’t know already, online content is a powerful marketing tool. Unique, quality content can lead to greater customer acquisition, retention and lead-generation. Most of all, content has exceptional brand-building capabilities.

In fact:

 69% of marketers say their top goal for content marketing is brand awareness 

So, how can you create or alter your online content to increase brand awareness for your company? Here are 5tips that can help give your content that brand-boosting spark it needs.

1. Encourage Conversation

Making your company a part of people’s conversations can help them remember you long-term, so here are a few things you can do:

  • Encourage people to talk, even if it’s not about your brand itself. Post content that’s relevant to your product or industry and invite people to join the conversation.
  • End blog posts with a question to inspire comments.
  • Mix up your social media content. Use fill-in-the-blanks, images, polls and more.
  • Make it a habit to respond to people’s feedback. A whopping 60 percent of consumers expect brands to respond to them on social media sites.

2. Make it Customer-Focused

If you create content that showcases the lifestyles, interests and passions of your customers, they’re more likely to connect to your content and inevitably, your brand. This creates long-term relationships, loyalty, trust and a positive reputation. Even if your content is customer-focused, relate it back to your product so readers see the connection between their interests and your business.

3. Spice it Up

One surefire way to stall brand awareness: being boring. Make your customers want to read your content by spicing it up with interesting features:

  • Make it visually appealing with bullets or a short list.
  • Pop in some images to break up the page and give the reader something to look at.
  • Use interesting stats and facts that will catch (and keep) the reader’s attention.
  • Take those stats and facts one step further and make them into a shareable infographic.
  • Develop short videos that sum up written content in a creative way.

4. Blog About It

For most businesses, a blog is a great tool to help boost brand awareness. Not only is it a venue to post your own unique content, but it also can establish you as an expert in your industry. Conversational, laid-back writing puts a human face on your company, which builds relationships, trust and familiarity. Blogs are also great for SEO and link-building to give your website more visibility which (yep, you guessed it), increases brand awareness.

5. Make it Valuable

When you give something to your customers through your content, you’re adding value to their lives. Pay close attention to customer feedback and create content based off those findings. Determine what customers want and give it to them. By doing this, customers will appreciate you, and the more they appreciate you, the better they’ll speak of your brand.

What are you waiting for? Take these tips, plug them into your content and watch the brand-building sparks flare. Good luck!

Have any other tips for creating brand-building content? We’d love to hear. Share them with us.

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