Getting to the Heart of the Matter in Healthcare Content

Health is personal. It’s often serious. When our health is in jeopardy, it can make us emotional and weaken our spirit. In a sense, good health is our most prized possession because without it, nothing else matters.Remember the heart of healthcare content

When writing for an audience concerned about their health, a personable, humanistic approach is almost always a good method to take. Emotions should be taken into consideration in all healthcare content. Dealing with an aspect of life close to a person’s heart is no small feat, but there are plenty of ways to create content that can appeal to a person’s need for information from marketers who understand, not marketers simply trying to convert.

For healthcare content with a more personable approach, use:

  • Content that provides assurance.
    • Customer testimonials or success stories, awards, recognitions or certifications, benefits of choosing your healthcare facility, resources on what to expect before, during or after treatment, live chat implementation.
  • Content that builds a relationship.
    • Company history, about us page, staff information and photos or videos, physician spotlights, virtual tours, mission statements, information on charity events or company outings, interviews, blog posts with authorship.
  • Content that provides insight.
    • Detailed (but not too technical) treatment or disease descriptions, symptom checker, find a doctor tool, travel information, statistics on diseases, treatment success rates.
  • Content that focuses on the reader.

    • Less “We” and more “You” in any type of content. Instead of thinking about what your company needs, focus on what your reader needs.

A Personable Approach to Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare content is actually quite simple: when a person’s health is in question, it’s all they care about. It’s not you. It’s them. It’s their health, their life, their everything.

This 30 second TV spot from Rhode Island Hospital does a great job of getting to the heart of the matter. Watch the video to see for yourself.

Rhode Island Hospital :30 TV Commercial “Helicopter”

How do you plan to give your healthcare content a personal revamp? Do you have other humanistic content ideas? Share with us below.

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