Four Ways To Improve Press Releases

When I first started writing press releases in college, I dreaded them.  They were always factual and straight to the point with very little room for creativity or flair.  Although I dreaded writing them, I understood the importance of a well-written press release.  As all marketers know, press releases are a great way to get the word out about the latest news at your company.  Writing newsworthy, timely and interesting press releases can greatly increase your exposure.  Yet, with every company writing press releases today, you need to find ways to differentiate yourself if you hope to gain any buzz and traffic to your website.  Here are some quick tips to help you make the most of your press releases:

  • Stay relevant:  This should go without saying, but if your press release isn’t about something that interests your audience, why are you writing it?  Know what your audience wants and make sure it’s timely information they can use.
  • Insert images:  Many press release that I’ve seen simply use the company logo as their image, but this doesn’t add interest.  A compelling image can lead to a higher click through rate when it’s featured next to the press release on Google.  In fact, your click through rate can increase by 15-25% with the use of interesting images.
  • Insert links:  A good rule of thumb is to optimize press releases with links every 100 words.  In addition, adding anchor text, alt tags and quotes can also improve the quality of your press release.
  • Add video:  This is perhaps the optimization tip that is used the least often and that’s exactly why you should be doing it.  Not only is it a great way to differentiate your press release from others, a video can engage users and increase time on page by 500%.  The use of videos can improve brand impact, build brand commitment and provide additional search results.  While images will drive traffic to the release, videos help retain that traffic.

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Do you have any tips you use to optimize press releases?  Share your thoughts with us!

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