Exciting Healthcare Technology Requires Innovative Digital Marketing

More than ever the doctor is in, but the patient is online— so what’s a doctor to do? Healthcare providers who want to maintain their patients’ trust in their expertise and knowledge must move their offices into the digital domain. Being accessible online is mutually beneficial by bringing in more business and leaving established patients pleased with the modern healthcare services.

In a digital age when information (factual or not) can always be found via a simple Google search, it’s imperative that medical providers digitally market their healthcare services to provide correct medical information at all times. This approachability, through social media, apps, and technology helps give the allusion of 24/7 availability and an authoritative omnipresence.

Not sure how to bring your healthcare organization online? Here are a few ideas to help you take the leap:

  • Gone is the therapist’s chair?  Maybe someday! Increasingly, mental health care providers are meeting on their patients’ couches—virtually. Today, people are always on the move and they want their therapists with them every step of the way. With Skype and online services like Pretty Padded Room, The Angry Therapist, Breakthrough, and Virtual Therapy Connect, therapists can specifically target a younger clientele who are more communicative and vulnerable in an online setting than in person. Now that technology is helping us communicate and interact in a way we haven’t been able to before, mental health care providers must take advantage. Via NPR
  • Catch the Digital Bug with Verizon Virtual Visits: Recently unveiled, Verizon’s new service for virtual doctor visits is a major sign that the medical industry is in for another huge transformation. The global giant of communications has entered the world of digital health in a way that will make its competitors—and hopefully you—pay attention. The video service will let patients get a prescription and consult with their doctors for minor concerns like the flu, a cold, or a sore throat. This app has the potential to dramatically decrease the amount of physical visits to the office and even the ER. Via Healthcare Success
  • Peer into Google Glass: Nashville startup Octovis, Inc. wants to bring Google Glass to the operating and examining room—why not bring it to yours? With this new technology it will be easier to record and access important patient data like surgery images. Even cooler, Octovis can listen to a doctor’s interaction with their patient and input the data it recorded into the appropriate databases while blocking feared distractions like texting and Twitter. Via Business Insider
  • Tears of Joy for Diabetes Patients: Novartis, a leading pharmaceutical company, recently announced that Alcon, its eye care division, will use Google smart contact lenses to help diabetes patients manage their blood sugar—through tear samples. These contacts will wirelessly connect to mobile devices in almost real-time to monitor blood sugar. This new development could make a huge difference in how diabetes patients manage and monitor their blood sugar. Via Time
  • Check Your Vitals with Vital Connect’s Health Patch Biosensor: We all know about wearable technology, and the implications for healthcare are enormous. The Health Patch Biosensor’s reach is wide as it can be used by almost anyone wanting to stay updated on their health status in real-time.

To take these new services to the next level and attract new patients, healthcare providers must transform their healthcare marketing strategies as well. There’s still time to be a leader in the pack with pay-per-click campaigns to address new services and apps. Maintaining timely and relevant content is necessary as well. For example, a therapist can send a weekly email with an affirmation phrase or a physician can send three easy ways to stay healthy with a link in the email to a professional blog for even more content.

These new developments in technology are all about making healthcare providers more accessible, so be sure you and your digital marketing efforts are always ready to meet your patients’ needs.


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Social Media Benchmarks for Health Systems

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