Do’s and Don’ts of Healthcare Content Marketing

Being successful online means having fresh, original content your audience is looking for and finds relevant. For healthcare businesses, content marketing is becoming increasingly popular. So popular, in fact, Content Marketing Institute says the healthcare industry ranks third in adoption rates of content marketing, behind only professional services and software industries.

Among healthcare businesses, 89 percent have adopted content marketingWith more and more healthcare companies using content marketing, it’s important to use it the right way. Here are some do’s and don’ts of healthcare content marketing that can push you in the right direction.

Do keep your information factual.
Always use reliable sources for any information, statistics or facts you use in your healthcare content. Be sure to site your sources to assure readers that the content is accurate. Especially with topics related to your audience’s health, the information needs to be true.

Don’t use too much humor.
Healthcare topics can be very serious subjects for many readers. Be careful with humor and use it sparingly; you don’t want to treat a touchy subject too lightly and offend your readers.

Do write with your audience in mind.
To keep your audience happy, you need to be creating content they’re in need of and find relevant to their lives. Topics shouldn’t revolve around what you want, but what your audience wants.

Don’t overly self-promote.
With healthcare content, the focus should be less on your company and more on the needs of your readers. Keep the self-promotion to a minimum and instead, use your content to inform and educate readers. Your readers will feel more trust and believability from an unbiased piece of content.

Do keep it consistent.
Fresh, regularly updated content is crucial to be a competitive player in today’s healthcare content marketing scene. Don’t let your blog go months without a new post. Posting once a week is a good starting point to keeping content consistent and flowing.

Do use social media.
Social media is the perfect venue for connecting to your potential customers, so why not take advantage of it? PwC’s Health Research Institute found that 42 percent of consumers use social media for health-related reviews on treatments or physicians. In fact, 90 percent of individuals between ages 18 to 24 trust health information found on social media channels.

Although lagging behind other industries, healthcare companies have an advantage because the demand for content is there. Take hold of the opportunity to connect with potential customers through informative, relate-able online content, and see the benefits grow.


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