Do You Smell That? It Could Be Your Stale Content

Once you create quality content for all the pages on your website you’re finished, right?

Wrong. Your content is not something you can just write and ignore. You may not realize how quickly your content can go stale.  Just like the brown bananas in your kitchen, if you let your content sit for too long without edits, it can go stale. Fresh content is key to keeping your site relevant.

While it may seem like a hassle to continually track all of your content, if you take the time to do it right maintenance will be much easier.

Creating a Content Inventory Spreadsheet

First, it’s important to log all of your existing content on a spreadsheet or chart. The important information you need to include:

  • URL – Add the page URL for tracking purposes
  • Page description  – Include a quick description of the page’s content
  • Page level – Note where the page occurs on the site
  • Content function – What kind of content is on the page?
  • Content owner – Who is responsible for the up-keep of the page’s content
  • Date of creation – The date the content was originally developed
  • Update frequency – How often will the page need updated to stay relevant?
  • Current status – Is the page current, or does it already require edits?
  • Notes – Add any additional information that will be necessary to know

If your website has numerous pages, it can seem overwhelming to create a spreadsheet like this. However, if you start with the primary pages and slowly work through content page by page, you will eventually have a working inventory of all your content.

A content inventory spreadsheet is meant to guide you when it comes to making site updates and creating new pages. Pages that have a high update frequency will be your major priority. These pages usually include upcoming events, press releases, employee directories and things that could quickly change within your company.  When it comes to content creation, use your inventory as a reference as to what your website is currently lacking.

While the process of a content inventory is tedious, the benefits far outweigh the boredom.

How do you currently keep track of content on your website?

About Angela Verlei

Angela Verlei is a Senior Content Strategist at Fathom, and has been working as a copywriter with the company for more than three years. She is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College, and her experience leans toward the creative side of content creation, SEO and marketing. These skills have steered her to become the lead e-commerce and retail writer at Fathom. Angela specializes in guiding the creation and delivery of cohesive and creative content strategies to exceed client goals. Outside of the office, Angela enjoys using baking and scrapbooking as an outlet for her creativity.

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