Developing a Distinctive Style in Healthcare Marketing

Marketing is nothing new to your healthcare company. You know that your name has to be marketed for people to know about your services. But did you know there’s something more to healthcare marketing than churning out newsletters, blogs, white papers, mobile content, and social media posts? All of your healthcare content has to communicate an overarching style.

By developing a distinctive style, your healthcare marketing strategies can become enticing. Follow these steps to stand out from other companies with a unique and engaging approach:

Step 1: Establish Specific Healthcare Service Goals

Before you can create a style, it’s important to know your company’s goals. What do you strive to provide that sets you apart from competitors? By establishing goals that differentiate you from competing healthcare providers, you can start to develop a style that helps you meet those goals.

Step 2: Understand Your Audience

If you have specific healthcare service goals, you’re probably targeting a specific audience. To improve your  strategy, know not only who your audience members are, but also what they enjoy. What types of content do they consume in their free time? Find the styles of marketing they respond well to and study those approaches. Taking time to understand your audience can strengthen the relationship and show you how to better serve them.

Step 3: Develop a Healthcare Marketing Personality

Now that you’re an expert on your goals and your audience’s preferred styles, it’s time to design a unique personality for your marketing strategy.  If you want to cultivate conversions, you have to stand out from other healthcare brands. Based on whether your audience responds to humor, drama, visuals, classroom settings, or another style, create a personality that strives to meet your healthcare service goals and connects with your audience.  Show that you care about their needs by communicating in a way that resonates.

As you continue developing a distinctive style in your healthcare marketing, be sure it carries through all of your content channels. If your customers respond to your new personality, you can further engage them with content and services.


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Francesca Luppino is a Content Strategist at Fathom. She joined Fathom in 2012 after graduating from Hiram College, where she studied English and communication. She develops and implements content marketing strategies primarily for the Education vertical. Francesca’s expertise covers on-site and off-site content, blogs, social media, SEO, guides and large downloads, and creative content strategy. She uses her passion for education to deliver engaging, conversion-based content for clients.

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