Dating: A Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

Love at first sight is a rare occurrence in the real world, and when it happens, it rarely lasts. That’s why dating exists – to build a lasting relationship with someone you love. It’s no different for healthcare content marketing.

Content is based on the idea that people will take action because of the content source’s credibility. And to have credibility, your healthcare company needs to spend time building relationships with users. Everyone knows that building a lasting relationship takes time. In fact, healthcare companies can use the dating process to develop those necessary relationships and avoid the short-term love-at-first-sight syndrome.

The Attraction: Drawing in Users

Healthcare Content Marketing Dating

Before a relationship can begin, there has to be a reason – an attraction – that motivates both individuals to explore the possibilities. When two people notice compatibility in each other, they might consider the potential of a relationship.

Similarly, when someone is attracted to your healthcare company, they consider starting a relationship with you. Take advantage of immediate attraction by promoting your core values through all of your content:

  • Taglines
  • Blog titles
  • Social media profiles
  • Websites
  • Community interactions

When potential customers view your content for the first time, they should be immediately drawn in by the compatibility you offer.

The First Date: Neutralizing Your Healthcare Content Marketing

Once you’ve attracted a potential customer, it’s time for your first date. As in a romantic relationship, the first date in healthcare content marketing is a sensitive time. It’s important that you make a good impression without overselling yourself.

Choose a neutral venue, such as a blog post, that doesn’t overwhelm the user with too much personality. You can guide users there from their first interaction with you. Here, you can talk generally about healthcare topics, your expertise.  You want to build credibility without pushing the user toward an action too quickly. Rather, motivate them to take the next step, or second date: reading more content.

The Relationship: Personalizing Your Healthcare Company

When you reach the second date with your potential customers, you can be more personal. Reveal more about your services and values, and find out what interests them. Remember, people enjoy talking about themselves. As you learn more, you can tailor your content marketing strategy to meet their needs. Take the following steps to continue the interaction:

  • Guide them to your website or social media profiles
  • Invite them to interact by joining conversations
  • Call them to action with a service they need

As more dates in a relationship lead to a deeper understanding of personality, your content marketing strategy should gradually reveal more about your healthcare services, encouraging the customer to further engage. By guiding your users through this process, you can foster healthcare relationships that last.


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