Six Weapons to Create Credible Content

What separates a good salesman from a bad salesman? How about credibility? If a salesman lacks credibility, you will not consider buying from him. Right?

Well, the same is true when it comes to the content on your website. If your website lacks credibility, how could you ever expect your audience to buy into what you are selling?

The truth is that there is no such thing as a natural-born salesman. Sure, some may make it look easy. But in reality, these salesmen work hard at building and nurturing relationships. In this same respect, your website needs to work hard at developing, maintaining and growing its credibility.

Sound a little overwhelming? Robert B. Cialdini has simplified this process of creating credibility for you. In his book, Influence – Science and Practice, Cialdini defines six “Weapons of Influence.” When used to their potential, these “weapons” will help your website create credibility and turn visitors into customers:

  • Reciprocity: The concept is simple enough. Do something for people and they feel obligated to return the favor. Your website can accomplish this by offering free webcasts, samples or trials.
  • Social Proof: Ever wonder why you laugh out loud at a television show? Maybe it has something to do with the laugh track? Create this same effect with client testimonials and social media posts.
  • Authority: This is a trick that every parent understands. Establish yourself as an authority figure, and your audience will follow. Simulate this authority on your website by citing respected sources, organizations and studies.
  • Liking: It is hard to trust someone you do not like. The best way to make your audience “like” you is to be honest and straightforward. Avoid being deceptive about the benefits of your products or services.
  • Consistency and Commitment: Establishing a pattern of consistency is a surefire way to build credibility. Adding a blog or resource section to your website shows a commitment to success.
  • Scarcity: Want an example of scarcity? A few years ago Nintendo created a worldwide craze by limiting production on their new Wii video game console. The consensus – if the availability of a product or service is limited, it must be “Awesome!” Creative calls-to-action on your website can create a similar effect.

And it is that simple. When you focus on building, maintaining and cultivating your website’s credibility, your internet marketing campaign will experience greater success.

About Robert Hosler

Rob is a Senior SEO Strategist at Fathom. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in English from Kent State and with more than seven years of direct SEO experience, Rob prides himself on pairing his knowledge of SEO with creative solutions to help clients always remain one step ahead of the everchanging search engine algorithms. Rob has worked for Fathom since 2011, and over those years he has taken great pride in helping a wide range of client grow their digital footprint. When he’s not heads down in SEO strategy, Rob is an avid reader who enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.

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