Content Marketing How-Tos: Make Your Resources Section…Resourceful!

It’s still pretty amazing that in the second decade of our fair 21st century, there are many, many companies that do not know how to leverage their company website as an all-inclusive marketing hub. However, that’s good for businesses like Fathom – it’s keeps us going and growing.

Less surprising is the more subtle uses of websites for content marketing…truly developing great content tools and peripheral materials…and how many businesses have barely scratched THAT surface at all with their corporate penmanship. So here’s one for you readers that is “actionable” and will help you see results as a “go-to” resource and expert in your industry: truly develop your website’s resource section.

You know what I’m talking about here. Many sites have a paltry resource section featuring a PDF whitepaper on cost analysis and maybe an FAQ page with general questions and answers on the most generic level. Develop that whitepaper section further with trenchant whitepapers (note the plural, people) on your business’ products or services aimed at specific industries or target markets. And enhance that FAQ section with real questions culled from the search function on your website (you DO have one of those, right?) as well as queries received from your contact us page, etc.

But wait, there’s more. You can truly offer a robust and thorough resources section that can bring folks back to your site time and time again like a hungry bee searching for flower pollen. Consider these strategies for your resources section:

  • Create infographics that can be shared amongst peers, featuring stats illustrated in interesting visual styles on your products/services and what they can do/have already done for customers
  • Create videos showing your products or services in-action
  • Make a history page explaining your industry’s big developments as well as how your company fits into the grand scheme of that history
  • Produce a statistics page on your products/services (akin to the Infographics but for more numbers-based readers)
  • Generate case studies on the value of your products/services, using real customer stories as the foundation
  • Offer a site-based tool that’s interactive and showcases some element of your business; a paint website that allows a visitor to see various designer paint colors switched-out on a wall is one example.

The idea with your resources section is to provide visitors with convincing materials on your particular offerings or the industry in general. The sky’s basically the limit, as long as the work you showcase is quality work. Do it right, and do it often!

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