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It’s pretty obvious to everyone in the industry that traditional marketing methods have officially lost their influence. Today’s marketing resides in an entirely different sector – one that’s filled with blog posts, video portals, tweets, status updates, and other forms of content across the Web. So how can your business adjust its website marketing tactics and apply them effectively in this new sphere of influence?

The answer is simple: Commit yourself to content marketing.

Content marketing is the idea of distributing relevant and beneficial content in order to engage potential customers and provide them with something of value. Yes, you read that correctly. Nowhere does it say anything about pitching your products or promoting your company. Instead, content marketing focuses on delivering information and services that inform your target markets and enable them to become more intelligent buyers.

The result? Once your potential customers see you as a consistent source of valuable information and helpful tools, they’ll recognize your worth and ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty.

The best way to develop a successful content marketing strategy is to create great content, and create lots of it. The more engaging copy you put out there, the more likely people are to read it, redistribute it, link back to it and thoroughly appreciate its usefulness. If you’re looking for some fresh content creation ideas, SEOmoz recently posted a helpful article entitled “6 Unique Content Ideas to Boost Your Website’s Value & Link-Worthiness”

Creative, engaging, timely and informative content is the key to achieving content marketing success. However, to supplement your solid information you may also want to consider offering your consumers something tangible. Think free tools and trials, cool viral videos, discount coupons, nifty widgets, cutting-edge apps and more. These don’t substitute for quality content, but they can certainly go a long way toward creating appreciative and loyal customers.

Say goodbye to traditional marketing, and say hello to the world of content marketing. It’s not the future – it’s the present, and it’s time for your company to embrace it.

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