This Week in Publish or Perish: Top 10 Reasons Content Marketing Drives Sales Productivity

Has Content Marketing boosted your sales productivity? Winning sales professionals have embraced their content-centric modern marketing partner because of the deep customer insight gained and awesome support delivered by a strong Content Marketing program.

Check out the latest Publish or Perish podcast to find out how to successfully bring content marketing into your social selling strategy, or skim our checklist below for the top ways content can rock your sales.

10 Reasons Content Marketing Rocks for Sales

  1. Your prospects and clients are now well-educated because they’ve consumed valuable problem-solving content generated from your organization.
  2. You now have a detailed, data-driven understanding of your clients’ interests, intent and buying stage.
  3. Your cold prospecting list is not so cold anymore due to the addition of personas (with behaviors and motivations) layered on top of your standard firmo-graphic targets.
  4. You can hook your early stage prospects by leading with educational statistics instead of relying on heavy self-serving value propositions.
  5. Your content-centric educational approach will more rapidly build trust and credibility with your prospects.
  6. You’ll know exactly which social media platforms to leverage for social selling and which ones to ignore.
  7. You will be seen as an indispensable resource because you’re focused on solving problems backed up by an awesome and comprehensive content library.
  8. You will better understand the content/information needed to satisfy the decision stages that move prospects along in the buyer’s journey.
  9. You can accelerate the purchase cycle by inserting relevant stage-based content at the right point in the buyer’s journey.
  10. You can leverage your Content Marketing mission statement as a point of differentiation from your competition.

Learn how to strengthen your content brand voice in your sales messages … and share it with your marketing colleagues to improve their communications, which in turn improve yours.

You can find Jeff Leo Herrmann’s Publish or Perish podcasts here.


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